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The Ellen MacArthur Trust (EMT)
      The Derbyshire Building Society and Ellen MacArthur are coming together to help promote the Ellen MacArthur Trust. The Trust, set up in 2003, gives children suffering from cancer and leukaemia the opportunity to get out onto the water and experience something new. Its aim is to support, empower and enliven the children who take part by introducing them to the joys of sailing on the sea.

The main activity of the Trust involves taking the children out for two to three day voyages, the boats staying at a different port each night and the children and crew living and sleeping on board. The Trust gives the children a chance to test themselves, and gain confidence, in a safe and supportive environment.

A significant donation to the Trust and promotion of it in a TV advertising campaign for the Derbyshire Building Society will be welcome for the young charity in its second year of operation. The funds raised will help secure another year of operation for the Trust and the increased profile in the Central UK region will also help other fundraising efforts.

Throughout July 40 kids will go out on the water, sailing with Ellen in the Solent on the South Coast of the UK.

For more information about the Ellen MacArthur Trust please visit, http://www.ellenmacarthurtrust.org

For more details of Ellen's programme with her 75 foot trimaran B&Q, please visit http://www.teamellen.com


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