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      The number of races of each match listed below is only intended as a guide.
The number of races of each match will be appointed before the start of the first race of the match concerned
Any match can be determined from the ?Best of five? (first to score 3 wins), ?Best of three? (first to score 2 wins), or ?One race? (1 win)


In the case of insufficient wind the winner of the regatta may be appointed from the overall order after completing any round of any part of the regatta.

Teams will be drawn and will match as prescribed in the matrix. Is expected to run triple ?Round-robin?.

Principal Race Officer may shorten number of rounds due to weather. Only races of completed rounds will be counted to the total score.


The following pairs will match to advance to the Semifinals
Order after round robin Část 2 ? PLAY-OFF

QF1: 4th place vs. 5th place
QF2: 3rd place vs. 6th place

Matches will be appointed from the ?Best of three?


In the simifinal matches will pair:

SF1: 2nd place vs. QF1-Winner
SF2: 1st place vs. QF2-Winner
QF1-Matches will be appointed from the ?Best of five?5th place match, 3rd place andthe FINAL MATCH

The matches for 5th place and 3rd place overall will be appointed from the ?Best of Three?

The FINAL MATCH will be appointed from the ?Best of Five?

Date: 27/04/2001 Jiri Pavlik
Principal Race Officer

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