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It is important to leave the port
      Why people put out to sea? Who looks for the answer, without ever being to a sea, he´ll never completely understand, what it means for sea-people, what do they feel.

There might by the only solution. People put out to sea, simply, because the sea is here.Being to the sea means to look for, to worry, and to find. It is quite a difference to live at the sea or on the land. Is it more or less? It is individual. Everyone is trying to find his place on the Earth.
We should ask a question: ?How to look for the sea?? Those of you, who are waiting for some instructions how to bake a fish or how to sew up a sail, made a big mistake.
We shouldn´t be looking for something universal, because we´ll never find it. We even cannot find it is impossible. Just go and ask someone: ?what life is about?? He´ll answer you with his life story, he´ll tell you about his knowledge, he´ll talk about good days and bad days, he´ll tell you about painful things in life, about disappointment or about being happy.
Every individual has his own life story.
I guess, everyone ever read something about a sea. There is no one who hasn´t heard about Cousteau, Verne, London, or who never read books written by Conrad. Dreams from that ages stay deep inside of us. Every individual has his own dreams. Some of us want to live by a sea, the others want to sail the sea. And so we talk and talk, and we have thousands of reasons why to stay at home. For majority of us, it is almost invincible to make some important decision, to make an important step in our lifes. Our dreams are becoming memories. We have to look for the way to the sea mainly inside of us. There is the beginning of all of our decisions; the reason is inside of us. This is the only way, how to recognize the goal and the right direction. But this is just and only my own feeling, which might not be so important. Much more important is to make the first step, as in everything in life. It is important to leave the port.
Copyright Mike Hackman 2001


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